Through our Design-Build service, we provides a single source of responsibility to the client. We work to develop and understand project expectations and then manage those needs with a customized, qualified design team. Innovation should happen throughout a project. To do that, we focus our efforts on each step of every phase to make the entire process smooth and straightforward. Our proactive, collaborative approach is what uncovers unique ideas and opportunities for improvement before the next phase begins.


Even a basic loft conversion or a small attic conversion can lead to a huge increase in value of your home. According to Nationwide, transforming your unused attic space can add an average of 21% to your home value. In other words, transforming your attic or loft by converting it into an office, an exercise room, a spare room, or even a loft conversion bedroom with ensuite, you are dramatically increasing the overall value of your home, often far exceeding the cost of the loft conversion to start with. Even a loft conversion with low headroom can result in a living space that increases the value of the home, leaving you with more equity.


Aside from the savings you would realize by not having to move and purchase a more expensive property in order to achieve more living space, there are daily savings that a loft conversion provides. Conversions, specifically bungalow loft conversions, mansard loft conversions, and dormer loft conversions are typically completed in spaces that are not well insulated or energy efficient. Particularly, dormer conversions can result in an improved house energy efficiency by improved insulation and greater access to heat through daily use. The improved efficiency can result in reduced house bills and utilities. Some homeowners even take advantage of their moduloft or small loft conversion to create a rentable space that can generate income for their home. The key is utilizing the unused space to save and generate money.


Loft conversions do more than just add value and provide savings, even the most basic hip to gable loft conversion can provide a large amount of additional living space. Perhaps you have a moody teenager at home and need a quiet space (for you or them). Perhaps you are starting a small business and need a space to focus on your work. Or perhaps you just want a beautiful loft conversion bedroom and your own personal ensuite to live your life to the fullest. By utilizing your unused space, even the smallest loft or attic conversion can improve your homelife immensely.