It’s a common problem: You desperately need more space but either don’t want to move or can’t afford it. One of the most popular solutions to the problem of needing more space is investing in a house extension. The cost of extension can seem daunting at first, but home extensions not only add instant equity to your home but also create a space that makes your home feel new and fresh. House extensions are currently the single most popular home renovation project, and with good reason. We’ll review some of the most common home extensions, and why you’d be wise to consider any of these house extensions for your property.


Tomato, tom-ah-toe. We like to do things properly, here, so let’s get this straight out of the way: Depending on where you’re reading this, “single storey” vs. “single story” might throw you off. For the purposes of this review, we will continue to use single storey extension, as that is proper English.

Single storey extensions are the single most popular house extensions on the market today. Whether the goal is to create a timber frame extension to create an additional level, or building an extension to simply create another single storey living space, it is a popular remodeling option for the home owner looking to expand on space. For those with a bungalow extension in mind, the options can literally double the space of the home, which not only provides additional space to live, work, and play, but also drastically increases the value of the home.


Aside from the bedroom, the kitchen and bathroom are two rooms where the typical homeowner spends most of their time. These are two of the rooms that also hold the most value in the home. A small kitchen extension provide an almost 83% return on investment instantly. That is positively staggering. On average, for every one hundred pounds spent on the kitchen extension cost adds eight-three pounds in value to the home. The cost of a kitchen extension almost immediately increases the equity in your home.


If you are looking for a little more Zen and quiet space, a garden room extension might make the most sense for you. These can be among the least expensive home extensions, with the cost of extension being a fraction of the cost of a kitchen extension. This quiet and beautiful space will increase the value of your home as well, but mostly provides an aesthetically pleasing space.

No matter your reason for house extension, there is value in both your quality of living and resell value.