Home renovation is not for the light-hearted, but when you have a great plan and a good team behind you, performing an old house renovation can be one of the most satisfying and profitable undertakings you could imagine. House renovation costs can range wildly, depending on your goals and ambition. Home renovations can be as simple as a simple renovation on your L shaped dormers, to a full semi-detached loft conversion. Whether you are looking to create additional living space or improve the current space, home renovations can literally transform any house, whether it is a classic bungalow renovation to create a larger kitchen, or undertaking a classic Victorian house renovation to recapture the former glory. There are endless ways to improve your space, and regardless if it is a newer home or an old house renovation, you can add years of enjoyment and tens-of-thousands in equity with a little elbow grease and planning. Depending on your goals, there are a few ways to undertake any home renovation, but you need to answer these two questions first:


When faced with the idea of undertaking an Edwardian home renovation or a Victorian house renovation, it is crucial that you decide on thing ahead of time: Will you be reclaiming the old glory of the house, or will you be updating it for modern days. Old house renovations always bring the challenge of honoring the past or living in the now. There are times that the house renovation cost on an older home can seem extreme, but the results can actually deliver a huge return on investment. If choosing to renovate an Edwardian home or a Victorian home, it is important to work with builders and contractors who understand the structure and framework, regardless of how you want to decorate it after the fact.


Another option to consider when performing a home renovation is converting the current living space or expanding the living space further. Some of the most popular options include converting the unused space found in the loft or attic for a loft conversion. The loft conversion cost can quickly pay for itself, as market research shows that even a small loft conversion can increase the market value of a home by 21%. With options such as loft conversions with a balcony, or even a semi-detached loft conversion, there are endless ways to convert that space into a living area to be enjoyed and boost the value of the home. Here at Top Loft London we have over 15 year experience in looking at homes of all ages and finding the best way to maximize the current space. Extensions are another great way to undertake a house renovation, with kitchen and bathroom extensions delivering a return on investment of nearly 83% instantly. The cost of extending or loft conversions almost instantly improve the market value of the home, and make them more enjoyable to live in.

Regardless of how you undertake your home renovation, know that the goal is to create a space that you love to live in, and one that will support you financially when you are ready to walk away.